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Emil Amok's Takeout from Emil Guillermo Media

Apr 28, 2017

Show notes (index at bottom)

Korean American community leader John Lim from the KCCD/ series on "Sa-I-Gu." Go to Also, how Chinese Takeouts in Philadelphia are being discriminated against in another story that involves Asians and African Americans pitted against one another....

Apr 22, 2017

Don't tell the Laotian community in Richmond, CA that environmental racism doesn't exist. They've been fighting corporate polluters and making them listen to their voices for years. Miya Yoshitani of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) talks about their story fpr Earth Day as an inspiration for other...

Apr 7, 2017

Emil Amok's Takeout is the podcast/radio program of award-winning journalist and commentator Emil Guillermo. 

Read his takes on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog at

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On this episode, he is astonished by the sudden change in Trump. Yes, Syria is...