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Emil Amok's Takeout from Emil Guillermo Media

Feb 17, 2017

Virginia Beach dentist Allan Bergano, an Asian American of Filipino descent wasn't going to go down without a fight.

A city road widening project was forcing him to move. But after spending more than $400,000, he went to the city for relocation costs and was denied.

Officials said there decision was final. There would be no appeal. 

Bergano sued the city in Federal Court. But it wasn't easy.

It was his sense of the historical discrimination faced by Filipinos in America that kept him focused on the fight.

Listen to the podcast. Read his story on the AALDEF blog,

Allan Bergano
over four years ago

Thank you Emil for giving me an opportunity to share my story. Congrats on being honored for October 30 Joan T. Cordova and Emil Guillermo Day by Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) Legacy Month