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Emil Amok's Takeout from Emil Guillermo Media

Sep 9, 2021

Amy Portello Nelson talks with Emil Guillermo about Little Manila Rising's "Get Out the Vaccine" drive. Modeled after the "Get Out the Vote" idea, the program goes door to door to give people good information about the virus and vaccines. And it's working, vaccine rates went from the low 30 percent range to more than 50 percent in the zipcodes canvassed. Now the plan is to keep going through the end of November. But it's not easy. Some are hesitant, and one resident even pulled a gun. But it's important work that Little Manila Rising is committed to doing. It's part of the evolution of Little Manila Rising, going from an educational and cultural focus to environmental and social justice issues to public health. And sometimes being all of those things as the community's needs change.

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