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The podcast companion to Emil Guillermo's Amok commentary on race, politics, and society from an Asian American perspective. If it's in the news, Emil has a take. An award winning journalist, columnist, talk-host and humorist, Emil's compilation of essays and columns,"Amok" won an American Book Award. He is a former host of NPR's "All Things Considered," and has reported and commented for radio and TV and newspapers, in Honolulu, San Francisco, Sacramento, Boston, Dallas, St.Louis, and Washington, D.C. Read his takes on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund website at Emil also writes a column for the U.S. bureau of the Manila-based and on Diversity issues at
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Welcome to "Emil Amok's Takeout," a podcast featuring the takes of award-winning journalist and commentator Emil Guillermo on race, politics, and society from an Asian American perspective.

Beginning with Asian Week, Emil has written a weekly column on Asian America since 1991. It has since migrated to and to his own  His experience includes TV news reporting and anchoring in San Francisco, Dallas, and Washington, D.C.; Hosting "All Things Considered" on NPR; Nationwide newspaper op-eds and columns at SFGate and USA TODAY; Talk-show hosting in Washington,D.C. San Francisco, and Sacramento; And reporting for NBC News Asian America. A collection of his columns and essays won an American Book Award. 

Emil also worked on Capitol Hill as a speechwriter and press secretary for then-Congressman Norman Mineta.

Emil is also a voice-over artist, with videos for PETA registering more than 6 million views on youtube, with tens of millions more views on all platforms.


Currently, Emil writes for the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund at



Jun 29, 2017

I'm on the road, but I can still podcast.

My "Amok Monologues" are at the San Diego International Fringe Festival.

Get your tickets for the final show Thursday, the 29th at 10:30pm. ( I know, last minute, but then I'm less self-absorbed than normal).

Or buy a ticket and I will send you an audio of the show! Just $10!


Got a great review too. "Excellent," says the San Diego Story arts journal.




I talk about my show, others' shows, my niece the survivor, and how the Fringe has brought us together after more than 20 years. Still time to see some great shows. There's acrobatics/circus style dance shows. Solo performances. One Acts. The fringe has it all.

I've also enjoyed detoxing from the news. I haven't seen cable news TV for more than ten days. I don't miss Wolf Blitzer. I like him. But I am happy to have not seen him for 2 hours a day lately. 

I talk about the news hits I've absorbed, like a short Vincent Chin post mortem, and the victory of the Slants, both which I will revisit with interviews next week.

But the show's the thing here, the "Amok Monologues." Invite me to your city, town, college, office, church group, Filipino dance club, whatever. 

I will be there!







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